Top Drawer, Home, and Craft – London Trade Show Highlights

I visited Top Drawer, Home, and Craft trade show in London this week. There were many fantastic designers and lots of creative designs to see this year. A trade show can be very overwhelming, as there is always lots to see and only a few hours to get around and meet as many designers as possible… however, it’s very exciting! It’s also exciting for the designers, as they are always on the lookout for the top buyers to come and visit their stand to place the big orders.

Throughout the day, I met many inspiring designers. Please see photos below for some of my favourites.

I was lucky enough to meet the talented Tamsin from Studio Seed, who is one of my favourite designers. Her stationary designs and greeting card collections are beautiful and very inspiring.


I also met the lovely Eleanor Stuart, who is a very creative and innovative designer. I absolutely loved ‘The Tiny Collection’ and ‘The Alphabet Collection.’


Another one of my favourite designers is Jessica Hogarth. I love her quirky illustrations and fun colour palettes.


I love how Ella Doran uses photography in a clever way to create interesting patterns.


The bright colours and geometric patterns by Sian Elin were fun and really stood out as a collection.


There were lots of inspiring colourful illustrations by Mini Moderns.


The House of Hemingway stand had such a great impact and really stood out with their wallpaper illustration and their clever print displays inside.



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